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As a recent graduate of the Fort, I spent my summer relaxing by the pool, working part time, and having one of the best summers of my life!!!! What did you guys do over break?? Leave a comment, share some fun! :)
When I came down for preview weekend, or maybe it was during Freshman Orientation (can't remember which) my mom and I came across the Newman Club table. Growing up I was big in the church. After my Confirmation I chose to join the choir as my ministry, and sang at 7am mass for years, so it was nice to find a place that I could continue that service. I joined Newman Club as a Freshman, and am so happy that I did. Coming to Durango, not knowing anyone it was nice to have a place to feel not alone and comfortable. I met some great people (Brian, Caitlin, Kate, Josh) and felt like I was apart of something! I always knew that if I ever needed anything I had people that I could talk to. Now, four years later, I was honored with Outstanding Member Award. I am greatly appreciative of this honor, though I just did what I thought could help out the group! I hope that more students will consider following their faith (regardless of what it may be) and come be apart of the Newman Club as well. We don't just sit around and talk religion, we have fun dinners, go on amazing trips, and are part of one crazy family!!!  I've had so much fun the past few years, and thank everyone that has been apart of Newman Club for making that possible, especially Fr. Jim and Wivina, who are more than just leaders, they've become some of my best friends!!! Congrats to all on another year, and to my fellow Seniors, we did it!!! 

Take care, and God Bless!!!
Please share with us what Lent is for you, and/or some of your Lenten resolutions...
“I firmly believe that in order to grow as an individual, you must push yourself to explore unfamiliar aspects of the world around you.  As a South Carolinian, born and raised, my knowledge of Native American culture, more specifically Navajo culture, was all but non-existent.  While here in Durango on National Student Exchange, I saw the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the Navajo people by participating in an alternate spring break.  I jumped at the opportunity for another adventure. To read about a place and its people limits your experience to words.  It is these  words that resound in your head to create a picture, describe a sensation, or explain a concept.  But words are only words, and you experience but a fraction of what it is like to truly be there.  It was not until I stood upon a rock face hundreds of feet above Canyon de Chelly, soaking up the beauty of my surroundings, that the spirit of the land enveloped me.  After a week of living with the Navajo, hearing their stories, and sharing their culture, I had grown to gain a deeper understanding of the land, its people, and what they contribute to the character of the United States.”   Student Tyler Polomski

If you participated in or have any thoughts on Newman Club's Spring Break Trip, 2011 that you would like to add, feel free to comment!!!

In preparation for Thanksgiving, we are asking those of you willing to share, what you are thankful for!!!!!

I'll start....I'm thankful for being blesses with such a beautiful life!!! For my most wonderful family (whom I miss very much), my amazing friends (who have become my family), and for the chance to go through life and learn from all of my crazy/wonderful experiences!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!! :) 
For those of you who went to Crestone, let us know how it went!!!!!
Hi Everyone!!!! 
Thanks for checking out our new website!!! It's slowly coming together, but I hope to have everything up by this weekend! The blog portion is an area for us to share what's on our mind. There are no rules, no restrictions, other than be respectful of others, and try to keep it PG!!!!

Have a Wonderful day!!!! And check back often to stay up to date on events, programs, and goings on!!!!

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